Thumbnails of mabel and henry gregerson pictures

These are old family photos Mabel and Henry Gregerson, and their descendants.

This category is for old family photos of Henry and Mabel Gregerson (my Grandparents) and their descendants.

Henry's Dad was Ole Gregerson, who emigrated from Nesna, Norway for Alexandria, MN. He took the ship "Hero" on June 4, 1885. Ole Andreas Gregersen was 33, his wife Maren was 30, son Alfred was 8, son Theodore was 7, son Guttorm was 3, and Harold Antonius was 1-3/4 years old. Berit Gregerson (Ole's Mother) was 60 years old.

When Henry grew up, he married Mabel Anne Langan and relocated to Pennington, Minnesota. They had children Muriel, Alfred, Viola, Mervin, Robert, and David.

Henry cleared land and build a successful homestead in Pennington. He took out a loan against his property to build a house, as they had lived in a home-made log cabin. The loan money was in a bank account when the great depression hit, and the bank failed. So the family was out all it's money, in addition to the family homestead. They were wiped out, and had to start again from scratch.

They moved into Bemidji, eventually living on Mississippi Blvd. Henry did carpentry. There they raised their youngest son, David (my Father).

The photos in this section show these family members.

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Henry, Muriel, and Dave Gregerson
Henry, Al(?), and Mabel Gregerson
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