Thumbnails of hodgkins disease pictures

Photos of my brother, Marc Gregerson, and his struggle with Hodgkin's Disease.

These are photos of my brother, Marc, and his battle with Hodgkin's Disease. There is an essay that tells his story at the link below.

Many of the photos are captioned with details of what was going on at the moment the photo was taken.

Marc passed away on March 20th, 2003, at age 34. He had been in the ICU at UCLA for three months, and succumbed to graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). See also: hodgkins disease photo essay.

My brother was a year older than me, and although I'm now 38 (in 2007), he will always be 34. I consider my own survival to be a blessing, rather than a given. I learned a variety of things from my brother that I'm grateful for.
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Marc And his Swift Truck
Marc Dumping Cement from his Mixer
Marc in a Coma in the Hospital
Man Playing Pool in a Bar
Marc's Last Visit to Minneapolis
Man at his Sister's Grave
Marc Overcome by Chemotherapy Side-Effects
Marc in the Hospital in a Coma
Marc at Christmas, 2001
Marc Sleeping on his Daughter's Lap
The Funeral of Marc Gregerson
Marc in the Hospital Holding his Head
Man with a Bleeding Central Line Catheter
Patient and Family Member in Hospital Room
Cancer Patient Waiting for Radiation Treatment
Portrait of Marc Gregerson
Marc in the ICU
Marc on the day he was discharged
Marc in Hallway of UCLA Oncology Unit
Marc Listening to Instructions, UCLA Medical Center
Chris Leaving Marc, UCLA Medical Center
Marc Using Suction Wand
Marc and Two Nurses at UCLA
Marc's Room at UCLA Medical Center
UCLA Medical Center Care Partner
Linda, Marc, and Resident at UCLA
Marc Resting at UCLA
Marc and Nurse at UCLA
Blood Transfusion
Kaval and Bill
Marc in the Hospital and IV Stand
UCLA Medical Center
Stem Cell Transplant
Marc Receiving Stem Cell Transplant
Beginning of Stem Cell Transplant
Room 1018 at Night
Marc and Wife at UCLA
Chris and Marc at UCLA
Marc During Chemo at UCLA
Cytoxan for Lymphoma at UCLA Medical Center
10 East (Oncology) at UCLA Medical Center
Marc Between Chemotherapy
Linda and Chris and Marc at UCLA
Marc and Chris
Marc and Leaking Central Line
Marc Playing Abalone
Chris and Marc at UCLA Medical Center
Radiation Machine at UCLA
Total Body Irradiation at UCLA
Chris and Marc at Radiation
Westwood and Heliport
CHS Plaza and Westwood Skyline
Marc After Admission to UCLA
Chris and Marc at UCLA Medical Center
Cancer Patient in the UCLA Emergency Room
Tiverton House
UCLA Outpatient Building
Marc and Family
Marc on Westwood Plaza
Linda and Marc at UCLA
Tiverton House Lounge
Marc Having Pheresis
Marc at Desert Hospital
Marc and Michael on Christmas
Marc on Christmas Morning
Marc on the Phone at Christmas
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