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Arlene Corpuz Gregerson, my wife, from Badoc, Ilocos Norte, the Philippines

Arlene Corpuz Gregerson is the fifth child of Hospicio and Irene Corpuz, from Ilocos Norte, the Philippines. She grew up on her parents farm in barangay Las-Ud, and attended college in Manila at Adamson University. She worked in the capitol of Manila before going to Japan for several years.

Arlene traveled to Bangkok, Hungary, and Australia. She first contacted me by email as a stranger in 2003, asking me to send her some class handouts I wrote (she was teaching a Word class to employees where she worked). We became acquainted by email over the next 10 months.

Upon learning I was going to visit China, Arlene offered to show me around her native Philippines. I accepted her offer on my second trip to China, and our friendship then grew deeper as we prepared for my visit.

After meeting in the Philippines, we were engaged and I stayed there with her for six months (in Pampanga). Arlene assisted me on my trip to Beijing, China and was integral to all the photography we did together in the Philippines. Arlene Baldovi Corpuz is now Arlene Corpuz Gregerson, a resident of the USA.

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Athena with her Mom in Day Bed
Clio, Arlene, and Athena at Home.
Clio's Mom, Arlene
New Nurse Graduate
Arlene in her Nursing Scrubs
Filipina Nurse
Nurse Taking Notes
Nurse at Work in a Clinic
Arlene Seated in the Garage
Asian Woman Grinning
Chris, Arlene, and Athena Gregerson
Toddler Playing in a Wading Pool
Exhausted Mother (Arlene Gregerson)
Arlene at Home with Alice
Athena and Arlene (Mother and Child)
Arlene Corpuz Gregerson
Athena and Arlene
Athena Leaving Church
Arlene Going to Nursing School Clinical
Arlene and Athena Gregerson at Mary Park, New Richmond
Irene, Athena, and Arlene
Nursing Student Arlene Gregerson
Athena and Her Mom
Arlene at Christmas, 2008
Arlene Gregerson at Wedding Reception
Arlene and Chris Gregerson at Home in Minneapolis
Woman Resting Under Blankets
Mom Opening Baby Girl's Birthday Present
Young Woman at Uptown Intersection
Young Woman with Bike Helmet Outdoors
Young Filipina Woman Smiling Shyly
Young Filipina
Mother Pushing Stroller
Arlene at Lake Calhoun
Filipina Buying Street Food, Philippines
Close-Up of Young Asian Woman Looking Down
Portrait of an American Family on the 4th of July
Mom and Baby Girl on the 4th of July
Young Mother and Baby Girl
Mother and Daughter at the Park
Arlene Feeding Athena
Mother and Daughter
Asian Woman Outside Minneapolis City Hall
Asian Commuter at Light Rail Station, Downtown Minneapolis
Asian Office Worker at the Government Plaza Light Rail Station
Young Asian Woman at City Hall
Arlene at the St. Croix County Fair
Arlene Surrounded by Children in Diamond Subdivision
Arlene and Patrick Molipa
Arlene with her Daughter and a Friend
Athena with her Parents
Young Woman Painting Bedroom
Woman Painting Bedroom with Roller
Woman Painting Bedroom
Female Asian Traveler
Young Woman out for a Walk
Young Woman in Winter Coat After a Snowstorm
Young Woman Smiling Outdoors
Young Asian Woman with Sunglasses
Three Female Friends
Young Woman and Child Hugging
Female Shopper Smiling
Mother-to-be Shopping for Baby Clothes
Asian Woman Shopping for Baby Clothes
Young Woman Smiling on Sofa
Mother Playing with Baby Girl
Mother and Baby Daughter
Mother Holding Newborn
Arlene Smiling
Mother and Infant
Asian Woman in Sunny California
Close-Up of Asian Woman Sleeping
Videographer Shooting a Photographer, the Philippines
Arlene at the Farmer's Market, Downtown Minneapolis
Woman Shopping at the Farmer's Market near Downtown Minneapolis
Excited Shopper at the Farmer's Market, Minneapolis
Young Asian Woman with a Serious Expression
Two Young Filipina Women in Minneapolis
Female Patient at the Dentist's Office
Woman Standing Outside a Bike Shop in Angeles City
Asian Woman with Sunglasses by Roadside Attraction
Arlene on Lola's Birthday
Arlene at the Minnesota State Fair
Two Filipina Women in Wisconsin
Filipina (Asian) Woman on Cell Phone, Greenbelt 2, Manila
Filipino-American Couple and the St. Paul Skyline
Young Filipina in her Barangay, Las-Ud
Two Ilocana Girls in the Philippines
Filipina Smiling while Visiting her Family's Barangay
Young Filipina Dancing Ilocano Folk Dance (Karinosa) with her Aunt
Close-up of a Young Professional Asian Female Going to Work
Nurse's Aid in Scrubs Outside Vocational School
CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Posing Outside WITC
CNA Applicant Smiling After Completing her Certification
Asian Woman in Conference Room
Young Filipina Woman Smiling (Interior)
Nurse's Aid Before Exam Wearing Scrubs
Young Filipina Woman and Grandmother
Mature Woman and Young Lady Laughing Together
Filipina at a Wisconsin Park
Woman and Girl Washing Dishes After Thanksgiving Dinner
Woman Smiling with an American Flag Coffee Cup at a gift shop in Washington D.C.
Filipina Visiting the Forbidden City, Beijing, China
Female Window Shopping at Wangfujing Street, Beijing
Female Talking with Aeta Kids in Pampanga
Female Looking Down Towards the Aeta Village
Filipina smiling while painting in the Basement
Paul and Arlene posing outside new Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis
Young Filipina Woman with a Surprised Expression
Arlene shopping at Menard's store, a very large hardware store in Minneapolis, MN, USA
Husand and Wife (Fil-Am) at SM City Baguio Mall Back Patio
Close Up of Arlene and Linda in Baguio City
The Lovely Arlene near Baguio Public Market, Baguio City, Philippines
A Smiling Lady in the Middle of the Crowd in Baguio Public Market, Baguio City, Philippines
Woman Observing the Mountain Ranges of Baguio from Kennon Road
An Ilocana Woman in Las-Ud, Badoc, Ilocos Norte
Couple Taking Photographs in Ilocos Norte
Close-Up of an Asian Woman Smiling, Palm Springs, California
Two Female Shoppers in the Parking Lot
Arlene and Downtown Minneapolis Skyline
Portrait of Bride Wearing Flowers in her Hair
Young Woman's Face from Above
Young Woman Shopping at a Flea Market
Husband and Wife Posing
Young Woman at the Forbidden City
Young Woman Laughing in Winter
Young Woman Shopping
Young Woman Shopping
Young Woman Clothes Shopping
Close-up of Asian Woman on Cell Phone
Businesswoman on Cell Call
Young Woman on Cell Phone
Woman Shovelling Snow
Woman Shovelling Snow in Driveway
Victorious Woman Shovelling Snow
Woman's Dental Appointment
Asian Woman out in the Cold
Portrait, Young Woman at the Beach
Asian Woman Smiling on the Beach
Young Woman at the Beach
Woman Smiling on Patio
Woman and Life Preserver
Young Asian Woman Sitting, Smiling on Beach
Professional Filipina Female in the Office
Young Woman posing by Lake of the Isles in the Fall
Asian Woman Talking on Cell Phone
Young Woman on the Beach in NC
Young Woman Smiling, Clouds
Young Woman in Bike  Helmet, Smiling
Asian Woman in Uptown, Minneapolis
Young Woman at Cafe/Restaurant, Reflecting
Young Woman Smiling on a Bicycle (at Rest)
Elderly Woman and Young Asian Relative
Confident And Professional Female (Asian)
Young Woman Resting During a Bike Ride
Portrait of Young Filipina Woman
Filipina-American Couple (Fil-Am Couple)
Professional Female in Office Building (Asian)
Filipina in Greenbelt, Makati, Manila, PHILS
Attractive Filipina Woman in Makati, Manila
Female Profile Against the Ocean Sunset
American / Filipina Couple in Manila, Philippines
Filipina Visiting Luneta Park, Manila
Asian Tourist at the Forbidden City
Asian Woman in Chinese Gift Shop
Woman Shopping in Beijing Mall
Asian Woman Watching Sunrise, Clark Air Base
Arlene Gregerson in Angeles City
Filipina / American Couple, Ilocos Norte, The Philippines
Asian Girl and Woman with Digital Camera
Woman with Bank Guard, the Philippines
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