Thumbnails of alice and harry johnson pictures

Photographs from the 1950s through the 1970s taken by Harry Johnson, my Grandfather.

Harry Johnson was born in Wisconsin in 1914, met Alice May Thompson when his threshing crew cleared her family's Ellsworth farm around 1930. They married during the great depression, but Harry's superior mechanical skill and general reliability kept him gainfully employed. They moved into a house in New Richmond, Wisconsin, around 1949 (150 Green Avenue N, where I live today). There they raised their two children, Linda and Tom Johnson.

Approaching retirement, Harry learned he had slowly progressive emphysema. He and Alice took to a program of travel, going to Europe several times and visiting every state in the USA.

Harry like taking photos, and shot slide film with an SLR. I sorted through his collection, and (with my Grandmother's permission) share some here. My favorites are those that capture rural Wisconsin family life in the 1950s.

(Harry passed away in 1998 due to complications from emphysema. He is buried in Belvedere, Minnesota)

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Gravestone for Alice and Harry Johnson
Alice May Johnson, 1913-2012 (Burial)
Alice on Christmas, 2009
Alice Johnson
Alice Johnson at the Deerfield, New Richmond, WI.
Alice Johnson at 96
Grandmother Talking on a Cell Phone
Retired Woman at Home
Grandmother and Granddaughter
Grandmother and Young Asian Woman
Chris and Alice/Grandson and Grandmother
Daughter Greets Mother, New Richmond, WI
Grandmother Doing Grocery Shopping
Portrait of my Grandmother
Alice and Family
Alice at her Birthday Party
Alice Johnson and Family
Alice at Home in the Evening
Alice Laughing
Grandson and Grandmother
Chris and Alice
Teenager in 1960s, Linda and Alice Johnson
Linda and Bunny
Boy on Mom's Lap in Car, Drinking Coke
Harry Johnson
Alice and Marc
Alice and Chris
High School Graduate, Linda Johnson (1960s)
Linda and Tom with Calf
Young Nursing Graduate, Linda Johnson
Teenage Tommy and Linda
Tommy and Linda in Backyard
Tom and Linda with Calf
1950s Kids Dressed Up
Children Playing with a Puppy and Kittens
Linda and Tom with Kittens
Valentine's Day, Young Girls and Boy
Stella and Albert Thompson
Alice at Suzanne's restaurant
Alice Johnson on Thanksgiving
Portrait of Harry Johnson
Portrait of Alice Johnson
Harry Johnson
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