Backman, Carl Richard

Birth Name Backman, Carl Richard
Gender male
Age at Death 3 months, 4 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1946-12-22 Mankato, MN  

Death 1947-03-26 Mankato, MN  

Cause: Infantile intestrol influenza



Father Backman, Carl Hilding
Mother Johnson, Virginia Francis
  1. Backman, Karen Virginia
  2. Backman, Karl Robert
  3. Backman, Murel Gordon
  4. Backman, Peter David


Carl's birth certificate has his name as Karl Richard Buckmann and has his father's name wrong. Since the Death Certificate is correct that's what I'm recording him by. Father was listed as Henry Karl Buckmann onthe birth certificate.


  1. Backman, Carl Hilding
    1. Johnson, Virginia Francis
      1. Backman, Karen Virginia
      2. Backman, Carl Richard
      3. Backman, Karl Robert
      4. Backman, Murel Gordon
      5. Backman, Peter David


Backman, Carl Hilding
Johnson, Herbert Leonard
Larson, Nickolas Adolph
Nelson, Paula