Gregerson, Henry Anthony

Birth Name Gregerson, Henry Anthony
Gender male
Age at Death 79 years, 9 months, 21 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1884-02-24 Nesna, Norway  

Death 1963-12-16 Bemidji, MN  

Marriage (Groom) 1912-04-17 Park Rapids, MN  

Emigration to the USA 1885-06-04 Minnesota Emigration from Nesna, Norway to Alexandria, MN, USA

Event Note

The emigrants list of Fondheim show that this family left for Alexandria, MN with the ship "Hero" on June 4, 1885. Ole Andreas Gregersen was 33, Maren was 30, son Alfred was 8, Theodore was 7, Guttorm was 3, and Harold Antonius was 1-3/4 years old. Berit Gregerson (Ole's Mother) was 60 years old.
They landed in New York, and took the train to Alexandria. They headed to Kensington to join Ole's sister (or both of this sisters?) who was already there in Kensington.

Move 1896   Relocated to Park Rapids, MN



Father Gregerson, Ole Andrew
Mother Jakobsdotter, Maren Kristine
  1. Gregerson, Alfred Kristian
  2. Gregerson, Theodore Bong
  3. Gregerson, Gilbert
  4. Gregerson, Ingval Martin
  5. Gregerson, Hjalmer
  6. Gregerson, Olga Matilda
  7. Gregerson, Edwin


Married Wife Langan, Mabel Anne
  1. Gregerson, Muriel
  2. Gregerson, Viola
  3. Gregerson, Mervin Henry
  4. Gregerson, Alfred Gilbert
  5. Gregerson, Robert Floyd
  6. Gregerson, David


  1. Anthony


Before immigration at 1-3/4 years of age, his name was Harold Antonius Gregusen.


  1. Gregerson, Ole Andrew
    1. Jakobsdotter, Maren Kristine
      1. Gregerson, Alfred Kristian
      2. Gregerson, Theodore Bong
      3. Gregerson, Gilbert
      4. Gregerson, Henry Anthony
        1. Langan, Mabel Anne
          1. Gregerson, Muriel
          2. Gregerson, Alfred Gilbert
          3. Gregerson, Viola
          4. Gregerson, Robert Floyd
          5. Gregerson, David
          6. Gregerson, Mervin Henry
      5. Gregerson, Ingval Martin
      6. Gregerson, Hjalmer
      7. Gregerson, Olga Matilda
      8. Gregerson, Edwin


Davidson, Gregus
Andersdatter, Bereth Elisabeth
Jacob, Christian Ivarsen
Andersdatter, Martha Maria