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American(Kano) Photographer in a Filipino Classroom (#4925)

American(Kano) Photographer in a Filipino Classroom
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Chris Gregerson
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picture date: 2005-03-08


This is Chris Gregerson, taking photos of Siteo Pader Elementary School. I volunteered at the school, teaching a brief lesson in the differences between China, the Philippines, and the USA (population, economy, etc.). I used photos from each location. I taught in English, but my wife translated it to Tagalog for the younger classes. I also took photos at the school sometimes, and gave prints to the kids.

Later, my Mom provided the funds to beautify the wall around this school. It was unfinished cement bricks, and we had it smoothed and painted. This was done in memory of a student, Reynaldo, who died in an accidental handgun shooting.

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