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Cytoxan for Lymphoma at UCLA Medical Center (#1796)

Cytoxan for Lymphoma at UCLA Medical Center
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picture date: 2002-01-21


This is my brother during the beginning of high-dose chemotherapy with Cytoxan (7,500 mg, or 10 times the normal outpatient dose). This is part of a stem-cell transplant for Hodgkins Lymphoma.

The stem cells were harvested already, and will be returned to Marc in a few days, when the chemotherapy has compromised Marc's immune system.

Kytril is given for nausea before the Cytoxan. Mesna will be given afterward to prevent hemorrhagic cystitis, and run for 24 hours.

Marc is holding his nose because of the smell of the drug. He complained of stinging sinuses later, a common side-effect, and nausea.

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